How to Use Pay Per Click Advertising to Ramp Up Your Profits

Pay per click is perhaps the most popular advertising method for affiliate marketers. There are plenty of affiliate marketers getting rich with pay per click advertising. How can you get rich off of it as well? First, you’ve got to know what you’re doing. Start small. You want to start with 20, 50, or 100 dollars to test out how PPC advertising works for you. It’s important to see how much you’ll spend, and how quickly, compared to how many sales you make.

(That’s one reason it’s important to have conversion-tracking software, or at least be part of an affiliate program that displays your sales in real-time). Sometimes PPC marketing can cost you more than you think, so you’ll want to set limits in case the clicks end up costing more than you think, so that you don’t suddenly find yourself broke. Understand that sometimes you are going to pay a high cost per click with few or no sales or lead conversions. That’s okay; just chalk it up to the price of an education.

And be thankful you put a cap on your ad spending. For each campaign, you’ll want to test out multiple keywords or key phrases. And for each key phrase, you’ll want to test more than one advertisement. Don’t worry you don’t have to do all of this at once. Go ahead AND start out with a single key phrase (or two, if you’re feeling brawny). For each phrase, it’s good to have four of five ads. Start with your first two. See which one converts the best, and then test it against the third ad. Take the winner from that one and test it against the next ad.

This will help you find the most clicked-on and best converting ads. By using the best-converting, you lower your advertising costs and maximize your return on investment. Another thing to keep in mind is that Google will generally charge you a little more for an ad that doesn’t get clicked often, over one that does. Not that Google is the only game in town, but you’ll eventually want to try advertising with them, as they certainly are the LARGEST game in town. You’ll also want to make sure your landing page (the page your prospect was sent to after he or she clicked on your ad) has some useful content.

Google rewards high relevancy with lower costs per click, so make sure your page has some useful information on it. You don’t have to write a book just make sure you have more than a buy now button orĀ  subscribe here form on your landing page. You’ll also want to make sure that your site doesn’t consist of one or two pages that are mostly sales or opt-in pages. Give your site a few pages of useful content if you want to improve your relevancy score and bring down your cost per click.